If you have questions like these:

  • “We want to increase our customer/client/applicant/student base to include more culturally diverse people. How do we do that?”

  • “We want everyone to feel at home here. We think we’re pretty welcoming of everyone, but recently I’ve heard people say otherwise. How do we make sure we’re a place everyone wants to be?”

  • “There’s a misunderstanding in our organization between people of two different cultures. I’m not sure how to handle it. What do I do?”

  • “We hired an immigrant, but she’s not really fitting in. What can we do to support her?”

  • “We want to promote culturally diverse people within our organization into positions of leadership, but no one’s applying. What’s going on?”

  • “We want make sure our culturally diverse teams run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. How do we do that?”

  • “We want to increase our cultural competency so we can serve diverse populations more effectively. What’s the best way to do that?”

MICC has the answers and strategies to help.

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