Their trainings are potent, practical and provided us with a multi-faceted understanding of the nuances surrounding diversity and inclusion.
— Mary Beth Turcotte, Director of Human Resources, Bernstein Shur

 Our Signature Trainings

The Ripple Effects of Culture: Foundational Approaches to Navigating Difference (4 Hours)

Accessible to those newly thinking about cultural diversity as well as more seasoned practitioners, this four hour training encourages participants to have a mindset of curiosity versus judgment. It will build on the strengths of the group, while inviting participants to consider different perspectives. This training is highly interactive to enhance learning and understanding.

Participants will explore:

    • How the groups we belong to may influence us and our perceptions and assumptions

    • The process of developing intercultural competence (the ability to bridge effectively across a wide variety of cultural similarities and differences)

    • Effective tools for communicating effectively across cultures ranging from national origin, age, rural/urban, economic class, race, etc.

Demystifying Islam: Culture, Community, and Faith (2.5 Hours)

What is Islam? What is it NOT? This training seeks to dispel myths and misunderstanding, and is presented from both the perspective of a Muslim immigrant in Maine and a non-Muslim Mainer who lived in a Muslim majority country.

This training will:

  • Provide a brief history and context of the religion

  • Include discussion of Islam’s similarities to Christianity and Judaism

  • Define important terms

  • Give participants insight to more effectively reach, serve, educate, and connect with Muslim people

Whether speaking to the distinctions between collectivist and individualist cultures; exploring different conflict styles; or debunking myths and misconceptions about Islam, Liz and Deb deliver their trainings in their characteristically engaging, supportive, professional, and illuminating way. They are true subject matter experts who are making our workplaces, and by extension our world, a better place.
— Mandy Levine, City of Portland Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Taking The Next Step

Intercultural Capacity Building: The Intercultural Development Series

For those seeking to create truly inclusive workplaces and schools, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants recommends our Intercultural Development Series, beginning with taking the Intercultural Development Inventory.

This monthly training program meets for 6-9 months, allowing individuals and groups to learn, practice, and apply best practices in intercultural competence, equity, and inclusion.