“Liz and Deb offer customized training programs at all levels to educate organizations on diversity. Most recently, our firm leadership participated in their Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) training, which specializes in the assessment and development of intercultural competencies to further enhance our understanding and communication skills with our employees, clients and business partners. Their presentations were potent, practical and provided us with a multi-faceted understanding of the nuances surrounding diversity and inclusion.”
— Mary Beth Turcotte, Director of Human Resources, Bernstein Shur
“For those seeking to create truly inclusive workplaces and schools, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants recommends our Intercultural Development Series, beginning with taking the Intercultural Development Inventory.

This monthly training program meets for 6-9 months, allowing individuals and groups to learn, practice, and apply best practices in intercultural competence, equity, and inclusion.”
— Gretchen McNulty, Director of Learning, Falmouth Public Schools
As a member of Maine’s human resources community performing diversity-and inclusion-related work, I am grateful to Liz and Deb for the exceptional work they are doing throughout the state to assist organizations in navigating cross cultural communications and practices.

In their recent one-hour lunch-and-learn session on collectivist and individualist cultures, Liz and Deb provided (in their characteristic engaging, supportive way), practical tips and takeaways for examining your own organization’s culture and tremendously-useful suggestions for supporting both types of cultures within the workplace.”
— Mandy Levine, HR Partner, Maine Medical Center
My experience working with Maine Intercultural Communications Consultants has greatly exceeded my expectations.

I knew that they were knowledgeable and professional, but their capacity to be flexible was vital to our work together. Staff who participated in their trainings were impressed with their deep understanding of cultural competency as well as their thoughtful way of engaging participants in learning about this often difficult topic.”
— Holly Lasagna, REACH (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) Program Manager, Healthy Androscoggin
This training was perfect! It was uplifting and engaging, and it gave us concrete tools and a common language to talk about these issues. You created a safe, non-judgmental space. I’m a seasoned practitioner and these are new doctors—there’s something in this training for everyone! It was exactly what this group needed.”
— Dr. Deborah Taylor, Central Maine Medical Center, Behavioral Science Faculty, Family Medical Residency
I liked the way Maine Intercultural’s training was so thought provoking and enjoyable. Everybody really enjoyed it!”
— Nate Miller, Seniors Plus, Aging and Disability Resource Center Manager
Liz [co-owner of Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants] has the knowledge we needed to pluck away at […] our unintentional cultural barriers.
In just a few hours, she was able to help us make some simple changes to make our small company more attractive to a diverse workforce. We will certainly continue to work with Liz as we continue to dig deeper and take full advantage of the diversity new Mainers bring to the table.”
— Joe Walsh, Founder & CEO Green Clean Maine
Throughout my career, I have attended lots of diversity trainings. Maine Intercultural’s trainings are the best!
They make you realize the importance of hiring diverse candidates, and how that will positively impact the bottom line. They also helped me find ways to balance the business needs and my employees’ needs.”
— Omar Al Qudah, LL Bean, Chair of Diversity Council and Assistant Manager of Direct To Business
You two were absolutely terrific. Excellent presentation.”
— Geoffrey Lamdin, Left Field Solutions, Special Projects - Venture Development
Competence, compassion, and impact rolled into one.
That’s how our attendees describe the work of Deb and Liz. As Maine becomes more diverse, their work will position us for culture shifts in a way that benefits individuals, businesses, and the community.”
— Bud Bernstein, Curator for the annual Maine HR Convention
You exceeded our expectations! I had so many “aha moments!”
— Jennifer Hazen, BSN, RN, OCN, Practice Manager, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, Auburn Medical Associates
The training you provided last week was….FABULOUS! Truly, loved it!
I was inspired by the method of teaching, the activities, and the upbeat enthusiasm that kept things moving. The subject matter was taught in such a way that everyone in the class just grasped onto how far we have come and how far we still have yet to go with reaching our goal of being “welcoming”!
— Name withheld for privacy
Our staff truly appreciated the Intercultural Communication workshops.
Liz and Deb both have personal cross-cultural experience, and were able to give specific examples of various situations that may arise. The workshops were fun, engaging and meaningful. We benefitted greatly from the information about Islam and the local African immigrant population, and how important it is to have trained interpreters. We would highly recommend this training to any organization needing to improve communication – both among their own staff and with clients/customers.”
— Louise E Ingraham MS, RDN, LD, Coordinator. Central Maine Healthcare Diabetes Prevention Program
The staff of Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants did a great job helping us push the boundary of our understanding.
They offered more than just a list of “do and don’t”. They actually drilled down first into why we believe what we believe, and built out from that. Engaging exercises, thoughtful discussion and the opportunity to learn from people that have lived the experience and are excited to share and help build bridges of understanding made for some valuable learning time.”
— Deb Kiker RN MSN Employee Health Manager, Central Maine Medical Center, Lewiston, ME
Liz Greason and Deb Breiting of Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants offered ACE [Association of Consulting Expertise] members one excellent perspective for understanding and integrating the gift of cultural diversity in any company.

They explained that culture is made up of the learned and shared values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors among interacting people. Companies must manage the process by which individuals who do not belong to the same culture try to exchange sets of meanings using different ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Their riveting presentation was received with acclaim by their audience. ACE members will still talking about it a month later! Every company needs to hear this presentation.”
— William H. Stone, Ed.D., NCCC, Promising Futures, 2016
The workshops offered by Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants are engaging and the speakers enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to any organization interested in working with multi-cultural clients.”
— Andrea Vasquez, Program Director English for Speakers of Other Languages, University of Southern Maine, 2015
[Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants] excels at meeting people where they are in their own diversity journey and have a style that puts people at ease. They are easy to work with, flexible and I would highly recommend them to others who seek to have a meaningful and thoughtful diversity training/discussion.”
— Amie Parker, Director of Staff and Student Employment, Bates College