• There’s a goal that your organization wants to meet, and you’re not sure why you’re not.

  • There’s something going on that doesn’t feel quite right, and you don’t know why.

  • There’s a conflict and you’re not sure it’s cultural, but you know it’s getting in the way.

  • There’s a situation that’s snowballed and you could use a hand reining it in.

  • You’ve heard something about a requirement for interpreters and translated materials, but you’re unclear if you really have to, and the whole process seems overwhelming and confusing.


The question we most often get asked is one of these two: “Can you help us figure out what’s going on here?” and “Can you help us fix it?” Typically our answers are “yes” and “yes”.

Our consulting services involve figuring out what the issue is (and perhaps what it isn’t!) and creating a plan to move forward. We are able to handle issues both proactively and reactively, and we have the mediation skills to deescalate situations that, if not handled properly, might find their way to court.

This may involve us supporting you in reworking your recruitment strategies by providing guidance in the application itself and interview questions or how and where to reach out to culturally diverse candidates. It may involve us meeting individually with people who are in a conflict or supporting the manager as he/she practices culturally competent conflict resolution. It may involve us coming in, so you can bounce some ideas off us, or so take a look and give feedback to your current diversity and inclusion practices or procedures. Or perhaps you’re starting from scratch, and want to begin to interweave cultural competency systemically.

Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants are your local experts on cultural competency, and we’re here to help your organization on its path to getting there, too.